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Download Information
Download Name vasFMC
Author Alex Wemmer
First Published 06th Nov 2011 05:35
Total Downloads 16626
Last Updated 6th Nov 2011 at 08:01
Current Version 1.1 [Download]
MD5 Checksum 73143a25dae8c206f0a0cc92c0520f48
Version Downloads 12500
Next Update N/A
vasFMC was designed to be a utility that placed a CDU in your aircraft for use as real world operations. Released under the GNU General Public License and hosted with permission of developer.
Version History
Version Released On Version Downloads MD5 Download
2.0 6th Nov 2011 4196 ab647b509bc70f1b02736cbba5c1ecc4 Download
1.1 6th Nov 2011 12500 73143a25dae8c206f0a0cc92c0520f48 Download

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