------- TODAY 21/12/14 -------
 ---- All times are in UTC ----

  • [10:00-11:30] EGLL_N_APP
  • [11:00-15:00] EGSS_GND
  • [11:15-14:00] EGGD_GND
  • [15:00-17:30] EGSS_GND
  • [17:00-18:30] EGKK_SBAT (M)
  • [17:30-18:30] EGGW_GND
  • [17:30-18:00] EGGD_GND
  • [18:00-21:00] EGJJ_GND
  • [18:30-20:00] EGLL_N_APP (M)
  • [18:30-21:00] EGLC_TWR
  • [19:30-21:30] EGCC_TWR (M)
  • [22:00-23:45] EGSS_GND


  • [121.800] EGBB_GND
  • [121.850] EGCC_GND
  • [118.500] EGLL_S_TWR
  • [121.720] EGSS_GND
  • [123.800] EGSS_TWR
  • [132.600] LON_SC_CTR

Latest Notam

Upcoming Events

    SWRTS Christmas Staff Up

    2014-12-21 :: 18:00-21:00
    The South West RTS presents the Christmas staff up event involving Bristol and Jersey. Join us in the run up to Christmas by enjoying some Sunday night flying on the 21st December between 1800z and 2100z. The Channel Islands event that normally happens at this time of year will take place in the new year.

    Fly to either Bristol or Jersey to be guaranteed ATC from GND to CTR at both locations and enroute. Maybe even travel up and down the N862 between the two airports!


    Both free and paid versions of Bristol and Jersey can be found at the following links:

    Bristol : UK2000 Scenery

    Jersey: UK2000 Scenery

    Join us in the run up to Christmas by enjoying some Sunday night flying into or out of the South West of England!

    Note to controllers: This will be a rostered event.

    Added by: Kris Thomson (2014-12-11 19:29:28)

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